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I lectured on museology and other museum-related subjects at my Alma Mater RGGU, Moscow, between 2009 and 2019. In 2019, I was elected to the Vice chair of ICOFOM after having served on its board for 6 years. I have been serving on many editorial boards of international museum journals and in 2021 I became an Associate Editor in Curator: The Museum Journal. I am currently interested in museum ethics and decolonisation in museums and museology.

List of some of my publications

As an editor:

Chung, Y.S.S, Leshchenko, A., & Brulon Soares, B. (Eds.). (2019). Defining the Museum of the Twenty-First Century – Evolving Multiculturalism in Museums in the United States. Paris: ICOM / ICOFOM.

As an author:

1. Leshchenko, A. (2019). Avram M. Razgon. In B. Brulon Soares (Ed.). (2019), A History of Museology – Key authors of museological theory (p. 88-92). ICOFOM: Paris

2. Leshchenko, A., & Brulon Soares, B. (2018). Museology in Colonial Contexts: A Сall for Decolonisation of Museum Theory, ICOFOM Study Series, 46, 61-79. Retrieved from; DOI: 10.4000/iss.895

3. Leshchenko, A. (2017). Musée-activiste : agrandissement du rôle des espaces discursifs des musées. In Définir le musée du XXIe siècle : Matériaux pour une discussion (pp. 238-241). Paris: ICOFOM.

4. Leshchenko, A. (2017). Metamuseology and Museological Discourse. In Stránský: uma ponte Brno – Brasil; Stránský: a bridge Brno – Brazil (pp. 130-143). Paris: ICOFOM.

5. Leshchenko, A. (2017). Metamuseologia e o Discurso Museológico. In Stránský: uma ponte Brno – Brasil; Stránský: a bridge Brno – Brazil (pp. 115-129). Paris: ICOFOM.

6. Leshchenko, A. (2016, December 28). What does the future of museums look like? Aksenov Family Foundation Journal. Retrieved from 

7. Leshchenko, A. (2016). A visitor-centered approach: Enhancing Museology with Perceptual Theory. In A. Davis, & K. Smeds (Eds.), Visiting the Visitor: An Enquiry Into the Visitor Business in Museums (pp. 153-163). Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript-Verlag. (Request full text over ResearchGate)

8. Leshchenko, A. (2015). Digital Dimensions of the Museum: Defining Cybermuseology’s Subject of Study. ICOFOM Study Series, 43a, 237-241.

9. Leshchenko, A. (2013). A visitor-centered approach: Enhancing Museology with perceptual theory. ICOFOM Study Series, 42, 154-160.

10. Leshchenko, A. (2012). Empowering digital museum audiences to foster museum communication. ICOFOM Study Series, 41, 237-244.

11. Altshuler, B., Leshchenko, A., Riccio, R., Sandell, R., Schwarzer, M., Small, N. P., Sorin, G. S., & Stapp, C. B. (2011). How Do Museum Studies Programs Address the Nature of Museums Today? Exhibitionist, 30(1), 82-86.

12. Leshchenko, A. (2010). The principle of the indivisibility of museum collections as part of Museological theory and Russian reality. ICOFOM Study Series, 39, 61-71.



Here are some of my presentations both online and offline in the field of museology:


14.04.2021, Keynote address on “Challenges of Redefining a Museum” with Bruno Brulon Soares for the 2nd International Scientific Conference “World Trends and Museum Practice in Russia”, 14.04.2021 – 16.04.2021, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia. View here (in English).

10.03.2021, ”The Need for Theoretical Frameworks in Museology”, webinar “Epistemology of Museologies”, LiU-Humanities, Tema Q (Linköping University, Sweden) and ICOFOM. View here (in English).

31.05.2018, ”Reconsidering the ‘Museum’ Definition” (original title in Russian: “Пересмотр определения «музей»”), Round table “What is a museum today?” (“Что такое музей сегодня?”), INTERMUSEUM festival, 30.05.2018 – 02.06.2018, Moscow. View here (in Russian).

22.03.2018, ”Museological research: Communication models” (original title in Russian: “Музеологические исследования: Модели музейной коммуникации”, Round table “Museum communication as a key to museum’s success” (“Музейная коммуникация — ключ к успеху музея”), Zaryadye Park, Moscow. View here (in Russian).

10.06.2017, “Museum as an activist: expansion of discursive space of museums” (original title in French: “Musée-activiste : agrandissement du rôle des espaces discursifs des musées”), Round table “Penser le musée dans la société”, International conference “Defining the museum of the 21st century / Définir le musée du XXIe siècle”, 09.06.2017 – 11.06.2017, Paris

05.07.2016, “Conscious museum”, ICOFOM symposium on “Predatory Museum” at International Council of Museums General Conference, 04.07.2016 – 06.07.2016, Milan

15.10.2015, “Metamuseology and museological discourse” (original title in Spanish: “Metamuseología y el discurso museológico”), UNIRIO III Debates Cycle of the School of Museology on “Stránský: a bridge Brno-Brazil”, October 13.10.2015 – 16.10.2015, Rio de Janeiro



15.03.2021, Session chair: “Decolonising museums” at the 44th annual ICOFOM symposium. View here (in English).


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