Tests and downloadable materials


Crosswords to revise the Word of the Day: 


Word of the Day was a free activity between April 2021 and January 2022 on our social media platform. Five times a week students were interacting with new words and expressions in our stories. The crosswords were designed to revise the vocabulary:

April 2021 (with clues in English)

May 2021 (with clues in English)

June 2021 (with clues in Russian)

July 2021(with clues in English)

August 2021  (with clues in English)

September 2021 (with clues in English and Russian)

October 2021 (with clues in English and Russian) – Some words from the A2-level course 

November 2021 (with clues in English) – Some words from the B1-level course 


All free tests designed for ‘Museum English Hub.




Sample of our workbook for A2-level course (first 10 pages)


Free samples from Speaking Club meetings 


Should museums acquire or create their own NFTs?

Target Vocabulary

Reading materials

Activities to train vocabulary: 1) True or False; 2) Missing Word; 3) Crossword; 4) Prepositions training.


The project is currently on hold.